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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Self Portrait Study

One more study, this time of myself, a photo I took myself. It was cropped horribly so I edited it a bit in photoshop sloppily before starting:
So I began with a rough sketch. Did some measurements, but certain elements were still placed rather poorly:
Then I did the usual thin lineart I use for realism pictures... the lines are soft and I paint over them, but even if I don't, they're not distracting in the final image:
Flat colors kind of to just isolate the painting areas...
Some building of the forms with color. Realized the eyes were unaligned and too far appart, doh.
Attemped to fix it:
The shadows were a bit harsh so I softened many of the edges, and added some semblance of a background.
Final edits, a bit of texturing, and reduced the eyes, which seemed to me to be too large. Final picture:

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