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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ariel and Stormy - WIPs and Final Image

Hello! Today I decided to look down memory lane a bit and choose a fanart I did as a tribute to my childhood hero, Ariel. I watched The Little Mermaid TV series quite late, but I thought it was awesome, and Stormy was my favorite episode!

I knew I wanted to draw a picture of Ariel riding stormy, as I was very inspired by a Princess Magazine picture of her on a large sea-horse:

I liked her general pose, but wanted to draw my beloved Stormy instead, so I used some screencap references from mylittlemermaid.com to draw him accurately. Here's my sketch:

Then I linearted the picture:
Flat colors:

Painted in the background (I love drawing underwater scenes!):

And finally shaded in the characters, and added some highlights:

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